Dualidad is a new resident pop up at Underbelly Bar in Pioneer Square. Starting only two months ago owners Lucas Portillo and Marissa Myers hope to bring Southern California cooking and culture to Seattle. Dualidad focuses on Chicano-forward foods although not everything they serve is inherently “Mexican.” Traditional ingredients and techniques are sometimes highlighted but they do not claim to be authentic. Instead they are trying to offer new perspectives on the utilization of those products and processes. Dualidad is practicing Duality through the medium of food. Lucas’ mission is that “the dish or menu should be able to coexist in its genuine form AND the inspiration in which we pull from. We want to be able to cook what we want. We should be able to cook what we want. That’s kind of the beauty of being an American cook, and creating here.” 


Lucas and Marissa both come from culinary and hospitality backgrounds working their way through the industry for the last 7 years. Dualidad is their passion project fueled by their desire to bring Seattle quality latin forward food and contribute to the wonderful family and community at Underbelly bar. Come visit Dualidad at Underbelly for delicious food, drinks, and good company. 

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