Flannel Jax's

Welcome to the Lumber Camp

FlannelJax’s is more than just axe throwing, We offer a variety of competitive, social games designed to let you throwdown with a group of any size. Want to flex your competitive muscle? Just looking to have a fun night out? You won’t find a more exciting challenge. Feel the thrill of launching an axe end-over-end and watching it THWACK into a bullseye, and try your hand at our other Lumberjack Sports.

Perfect For Parties

Whether you just need a night out, are celebrating a birthday, or having a last hoorah with a bachelor/ette, FlannelJax’s is a great time for groups of all sizes.

Extreme Team Building

Get to know your coworkers with some friendly competition at FlannelJax’s. Clink your axes and cheer on your team through a variety of exciting, competitive challenges.

Join A League

Become a lumberjack legend! Join a FlannelJax’s league and chop down all challengers on your way to the championship!

Axe Throwing

The staple of FlannelJax’s and the most exhilarating competition around. Grab an axe and hurl it into a wood target. It’s easy to do but tough to master; but why not find out for yourself?

Thump the Stump

A game of precision and strength, gather your friends around the stump and try to hammer in your nail before anyone else. There’s just one catch… You use a hatchet.

Crosscut Sawing

It’s a race through a log! Grab a saw and compete solo or with a partner against the rest of your group.

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