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Coro by Salumi, Uncured Classic Piccolo Salami, Garlic and Ginger, 5 oz

While we honor the classic cured meats of the old world, we can’t help adding our spin on it, this time with garlic and a hint of ginger.

NEW WORLD FLAVORS: Our bold and delicious spices mixed fresh by hand for every batch.
FINEST INGREDIENTS: We use all-natural ingredients including thoughtfully sourced spices and humanely treated vegetarian-fed pork never treated with antibiotics.
EASY TO ENJOY: Our work makes it easy for you to enjoy. No instructions or peeling required.
INNOVATIVE CURING PROCESS: We’ve developed our own unique stuffing and curing process that delivers the flavors, texture, and small batch products our customers love.
Gluten Free, Shelf Stable, Never Ever Antibiotics


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