Back Alley Bike Repair

Full Bike Tune Up

A Bike tune-up consists of:

  • Cleaning any dirt, oil and old grease off the bicycle.
  • The gears and derailleurs are checked for damage and alignment
  • The drivechain is checked for stretching or kinking
  • Brakes are inspected for wear and grip
  • The tires are checked for wear, cracks or swellings
  • All and any tension adjustments needed are made to the various cables
  • The wheel and frame alignments are checked
  • The wheel spokes (if any) are checked and tightened if needed
  • Headstocks and seating poles must be checked for unwanted movement
  • Every nut and bolt must be tightened to ensure that the bike is stable while riding.
  • Appropriate oils and greases are applied to moving parts where required

A bicycle tune-up basically means getting your bike into the perfect shape for you to use.


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