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Health Care-Package

Front-line healthcare workers and first-responders need our support. Let’s work together, Intrigue Chocolate and our community, to accomplish this goal.

We can help with the appreciation-language of gift giving. Here’s how it works:

1 – You contribute to this fund an amount you feel is appropriate for you. Select the amount from the drop-down above.

2 – In the comments section of checkout, let us know if you would like to nominate a healthcare worker (or EMT, ICU location, care center, etc) to receive a care package. If you do not have anyone specific to nominate, don’t worry, we have plenty!

3 – For every $40 gathered into the fund, we will chose one nomination at random to receive a care package of chocolate goodness.

4 – Chosen healthcare worker receives their gift and feels the love.

In this way we hope that we can all support each other. Our healthcare workers need your support; help them feel appreciated with a specialty food designed to give comfort. Intrigue Chocolate needs your support; help a small business stay in business. Contributors will get recognition and satisfaction in knowing you’ve helped those who are helping us.

Any amount is welcome. Thank you in advance for supporting our front line healthcare community!


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