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Tricker’s Stow Boot – Commando – Acorn Antique

The Tricker’s x Division Road Stow Boot is the definitive example of English Country footwear and uses an Antiqued Acorn European tanned premium hard-wearing calf leather upper, a natural leather Barbour welt and midsole, and a British-made Goodyear commando sole. This rich combination-tanned leather boot has undergone 260 individual bench-made processes including a special mulling concoction to infuse the uppers with oils, a wooden shank, a corking compound from a century-old recipe and an exquisite English finish achieved through burnishing and polishing. This golden leather darkens and softens for an incredible patina that gives the boot a worn, regal quality. The 4497s Last creates a substantial yet elegant silhouette that accommodates a variety of foot types, and strikes the perfect combination of the Stow boot’s rugged proportions and the refined craftsmanship expected from a Tricker’s. As England’s oldest shoe maker, Royal warrant holder, originator of the country boot and one of the first and few still utilizing traditional Goodyear welting to the highest standards of quality in the industry, a Tricker’s truly is made to last a lifetime in all conditions.


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