Koplin Del Rio Gallery

V by Johanna Christianson

Johanna Christianson
Oil on canvas
32” x 44”

“I painted them in a kind of nesting doll fashion; I started with one shape and added shapes outwardly until I achieved the final picture. What I painted on the first layer may only vaguely resemble the final product. I built layers on my canvas until I was satisfied with my color/ shape/ texture relationships. I’m always intrigued by what my audience sees in my pieces since I have no preplanned imagery.”

M. Johanna Christianson is a self taught painter living and working in Seattle, WA. Johanna works primarily with oil paint on canvas, drawing inspiration from 20th century abstract expressionists and the human form. She creates scenes that are evocative of anatomy and landscape. Generally starting with a focal point and working outwards, she explores emotion through her use of color and organic shapes. Johanna often does not plan subject matter ahead of time, rather is interested in the imagery that the viewer finds for themselves within the work.


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